Meal Prep Delivery | California

Same Day Delivery


Meal Prep Delivery

Step 1

The day before delivery you will send orders into our system. You can do this thru our customer web portal or the process can be automated by using our Advanced Portal Integration

Step 2

Print your shipping label that the system will automatically generate for you. If you have multiple bags going as 1 order please use zip ties to keep them together

Step 3

You have received route information via email from us. Our drivers will arrive at your pickup location, time and date. Have product ready for transit

Step 4

We deliver to your customers door. A handy SMS text message is automatically generated letting your customer know delivery is complete and where product was left at. A proof of delivery photo is uploaded into the system and meal prep company can access this in the tracking tab of the web portal. A SMS or email will also be sent to the meal prep company notifying you delivery is complete


Product must be in cooler bags or boxes that contain ice packs

A written agreement is required

and that's it! set up your deliveries NOW! or contact us for more information

Package Delivery Volume

Drivers are dispatched based on your demand

We offer a few types of delivery

Same day and STAT


Next Day


Early Morning


We can send drivers to your hub or use our PODS (Portable Ondemand Delivery Stations)

With notice,
We can Board new drivers in any region of California to meet your volume needs

Delivery for smaller volume

Custom pricing can be setup to fit your volume needs. For franchise deliveries each location will have access to our shipping portal with company specific prices. Your order automatically goes into our ques and the next available Courier will get the order via the driver app and fulfill your delivery. Here are some highlights:

pick up at your store location or locations


instant tracking number for every order


shipping label and delivery receipt automatically generates for each order


barcode verify confirmation insures the right package is being delivered to the right address


Electronic proof of delivery including photo, time, date, signature and GPS info for every delivery